Low RPM Organic Grinding Mill with Natural Stone (Coldpress Aata Chakki)

This is special type of flour mill which is much more healthier than any other flour mills because this grinding mill contains natural stone and runs on very low R.P.M. (recommended by doctors) the R.P.M. is reduced to 80 R.P.M. from 480 R.P.M. The output will be less. The proteins and vitamins contained by the whole wheat gets burnt in normal machines as the rotation and R.P.M. is very fast and the output is very hot which kills all the essential proteins and vitamins in it. And in this it will not get burnt, as the flour or the output which you will gain will be in cooler temperature so the proteins and vitamins will be as it is and will be more healthier than what you have in your day to day life. In ancient times people used to use hand grinding mill which were healthier than now just because of its less speed and cool output. This grinding mill will be made only on special orders