Danish Type / 3 Leg Horizontal Flour Mill

With our manufactured Horizontal Grinding Mills, we ensure a cost effective grinding in many industries, be it small scale or large scale. The grinding mills supports technically advanced functionality ensuring high quality nutritional flour with a very fine texture.

Used for multipurpose grinding applications, these grinding mills are very easy to operate and handle. This type of mill is embarked with a unique feature of cool grinding. Our entire range of grinding mills is considered as the most versatile line of mills available today for fast and effective grinding. In our mills, the risk of product contamination from media and lining wear is virtually eliminated as we use high end quality of raw materials in engineering these mills. The mill is acknowledged at global level for its reduced maintenance cost, few moving parts and replaceable linings.


Number of clients prefers our assortment of Grinding Mills-Horizontal over other ordinary mills due to following reasons:

  • Body of the mill constructed from mild steel and cast iron components.
  • Excellently painted to make it scratch resistant and durable
  • Provided with EN9 Grade Steel Shaft
  • V-Belt Pulley is replaced with Flat Belt Pulley
  • Easily available spare parts
  • Fitted with long life millstones


We supply our wide range of Horizontal Grinding Mills to numerous industries for grinding wheat, corn, spices, teff, sorghum and millet.

Models and Specifications

Available in 500MM, 600MM, 700MM, 800MM, 900MM 950MM. 

Pulley Size - mm375475550400800
Grinding Mill - RPM575480420350300
Motor Power - kW5.57.5101518.5
Output Coarse - kg/hr4003007009001000
Output Fine - kg/hr150175150300350
Gross Weight - kg265210295390860
Net Weight - kg220170410510780

*Mills are packed in wooden crates in SKD condition.
**Specifications may change without prior notice.

Sizes and Types

  • Standard mills (S-models - blue) : 600mm, 800mm, 950mm
  • Industrial mills (W-models -white) : 600mm, 950mm

Stone Mill Grinding Capacities

The capacities depend on various factors like the moisture content, the quality and the hardness of the grains and may vary a lot. On a small mill you may be able to grind 175 kg fine flour - on the big up to 350 kg per hour. If you need coarse flour, you may be able to grind between 500 and 1000 kg respectively.