Danish Type Vertical Grinding Mill

The Danish type vertical grinding mill is a result of more than 20 years of production experience and continuous product improvement. Today the mill is a modern, high quality  product with outstanding performance.

Mounted with Adinath Millstones

The mill is available with the famous  Adinath millstone in the sizes 300, 400 and 500 mm and is suitable for grinding of various kinds of grain, peas, coffee, sugar and spices to any degree of fineness.

Special Millstones for Coffee Grinding

For very fine coffee grinding on our vertical Diamant mills we are able to supply the mills with special coffee stones in the sizes 400 and 500mm.

Mustard milling

The Adinath vertical grinding mill size 400 mm is available in a special version for milling of oily products, e.g. mustard. The mustard must be dry, not wet.
The Adinath mustard mill has a special outlet and two inspection doors for easy cleaning.

Models and Specifications

Diameter of millstone - “/mm12/30016/40020/500
Standard flat pulley - “/mm10x3.5 / 250 x 9012 x 4 / 300 x 10516 x 4 / 400 x 105
Horse Power2-33-57.5 - 10
Rev. Per minute700600525
Output - kg/h100-200250-350500-650
Horse Power3-55-7.510-15
Rev. Per minute750650550
Output - kg/h250-300300-500500-700

Shipping Specification

Standard Electric Motor - HP5.57.510
Net/gross weight. Mill only – kg130/170167/207251/320
Volume packed. Mill only – cu. m.0.3450.390.485
Net/gross weight. Electric Motor – kg41/6275/9985/123
Volume packed. Electric Motor – cu. m.0.1300.2100.290